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Can I hold a full-time job and take your course?
Working a full-time job while studying for the MCAT is not easy. However, the advantage of our course is that it is self-paced. Students can figure out a study schedule that suits them. While we recom...

I can't commit to 2 hours of studying a day with my job. Can I still take your six week course and do well on the MCAT?
Yes! You can still benefit greatly by watching or attending classes as often as you can within six weeks. Even an hour a day is significantly going to change your perspective and thinking ability.
My work hours conflict with the times of your live sessions. Should I still enroll?
All of the lectures and workshops are pre-recorded, so you can access them at any time and move through them at your own pace. The live workshops that we offer are simply an added bonus for students, ...

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