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Will your course address the reasons why I haven't been successful on the MCAT?
The hardest part about retaking the MCAT is overcoming the discouragement a student feels after receiving an unsatisfactory score the first time. Students may have major deficits in reading or test-ta...

Does retaking the exam look bad on my application to medical schools?
Every medical schools perceives retakes in their own way; however, it is fairly common to retake at least once. Even a third attempt is fine. From experience, we believe that up to three attempts does...

Is it realistic to believe I can improve my MCAT score by at least 3 - 4 points (or more)?
It is very common for our students to improve by 4 points or more on any single section given a realistic timeframe to prepare and an excellent work ethic. However, we cannot guarantee a student's per...

Should I retake my exam if I am not emotionally prepared to put in the effort needed?
We do not recommend a retake until our students feel ready on an emotional and intellectual level. Remember that it's only an exam. Take it when you are feeling better and less overwhelmed. A retake s...

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