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Why do you have Khan Academy passages on your site? is an amazing free resource that has teamed up with the AAMC to provide students with MCAT preparation. The only problem is their passage/question design. It's not formatted to resembl...

Do you have all of the Khan Academy passages on your website?
Yes, we have converted all of the Khan Academy passages (including the science section passages) onto our site.

Are the Khan Academy passages free to use?
Yes, all Khan Academy passages are completely free to use. We do not charge for anything related to the Khan Academy passages or content found on our website.

How do the Khan Academy passages compare to the Jack Westin passages?
The AAMC (the organization that makes the official MCAT) colloborated with to release practice content and preparation for all students for free. However, their practice passages are n...

How is the format of the Khan Academy passages on your site better than the original?
The Khan Academy passages on our site are the exact ones found on their site in terms content. The major difference is the formatting. We use the exact MCAT's testing interface design and features to ...

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