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What is the purpose of the free trial session? How does it compare to your CARS Strategy Course?
Through the live trial session, we give students a glimpse of what they can expect in the course. The trial session only exposes students to limited strategies, but gives them a true feel of Jack's te...

Do I need any material before the trial session starts?
We will provide you viewing access to any educational content that is used during the live trial session. You will only need a pen and paper for note-taking. 

Where can I sign up for the free trial session?
Click "Free Session" on the main page or "Free Class" on any page on the site.

How long does the free trial session last?
The session is approximately 1.5 hours long. After the session, there will be time to ask Jack any additional questions about what was discussed or about the course.

Where is the live free trial session held?
The live trial session is held in our Jack Westin online classroom. At the time of your session, you will need to sign back into your account and click on the free class icon to enter. You will also b...

How often are the free trial sessions held?
We hold live free trial sessions every couple of weeks. We vary the days and times to allow for students with a range of schedules to attend.

Are the free trial sessions recorded?
We do not record the sessions. If you miss the free trial session, you may re-enroll in the next one. Please check back within a week for the next scheduled trial session date.

Do I have to take the Free Trial Session in order to enroll in the course?
No, it is not necessary. A majority of students enroll without attending a trial session. When you enroll in the course you will have access to lessons that cover every...

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