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Will I benefit from your class if English is not my first language?
Any pre-medical student who has a grasp of basic English can dramtically improve their critical thinking and passage reasoning abilities. We have many ESL students who excel in this course and find th...

Will I be at a disadvantage as an ESL student in your course?
ESL students do not have any disadvantages in terms of their abilities to comprehend basic English. But they do end up scoring lower because they do not have the confidence it takes to succeed. It's a...

Would you recommend reviewing English grammar and vocabulary or spending time on reading essays and articles online before taking your class?
We recommend reading anything you can get your hands on. Write down and study new vocabulary. Continue to review the words you have trouble with (even make notecards). Read articles for 30 mins to 1 h...

Is there anything I can do to improve my reading comprehension prior to taking your course?
For students worried about their reading comprehension, we recommend our MCAT CARS Podcast (located under the "Practice" tab). This podcast can help students become more familiar with the reading styl...

Have you had ESL students see significant improvements on CARS?
Yes, we have students from many backgrounds improve dramatically. There are many ESL students who improve upwards of 8 points on CARS alone (122 to 129 or 124 to 132, etc). But this does not mean stud...

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