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What does each MCAT CARS practice exam include?
Each practice exam includes 9 unique passages with 53 questions in total. Each exam contains the same style passages and questions you can expect on the real exam. The logic of each question has been ...

What is the practice exam format like?
Our practice exams have the exact format style students can expect on the actual exam. You can choose whether to "Stimulate Actual Test" or choose "Customize Test Options" which allows you to time you...

Why are your MCAT CARS Practice Exams titled after cities?
We provide names to each exam to give it some personality and to allow for better recognition amongst the community. Numbers (such as practice exam 1, 2,) can get redudant. 

What is the difference between each of the MCAT CARS Practice exams?
Each exam has a completely unique set of 9 passages and 53 questions found no where else. The goal of each exam is to mimic what a student could expect to see on their actual exam and to provide stude...

Are your practice exams free?
All of our practice passages and questions are free for the public to use. Everything on our website besides the Khan Academy content is our original work and have been copyrighted. No person or entit...

Do your MCAT CARS practice exams provide an MCAT score at the end of the test?
Our practice exams provide students with the percentage right (for example 40/53) which will be similar to what a student can expect on a real MCAT CARS practice section. However, we do not provide st...

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