What is the MCAT CARS podcast about?
This podcast is hosted by Jack Westin and Dr. Ryan Gray who also hosts the Premed Years Podcast. The goal of the MCAT CARS podcast is to help students improve their reading comprehension. We do this b...

Who does your podcast benefit the most?
Our MCAT CARS Podcast is for every pre-medical student thinking about taking the MCAT in the next two years! It's designed to really help students who want to focus on improving their reading comprehe...

Where can I find your podcast?
Our MCAT CARS Podcast is listed under the "Practice" tab.

When do new podcasts come out?
We release a new MCAT CARS podcast every week!

Can you notify me when a new podcast is released?
Yes, we will send you a daily email with updates about new episodes of our MCAT CARS Podcast. Simply go to "The MCAT CARS Podcast" page under "Practice" and enter your email where it says "Subscribe."...

What's the difference between the the MCAT CARS Podcast and the CARS Strategy Course?
The MCAT CARS Podcast is focused entirely on reading comprehension. The CARS Strategy Course focuses on critical thinking and test-taking ability which includes properly reading for the big ideas in a...

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