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What are your Daily CARS Passages like? Are they free?
Yes, they're free! We have personally created one unique Daily CARS Passage for every day of the year. The logic in our passages is exactly what you can expect on the real exam. Everything from ...

Can you notify me of the passage of the day?
Yes, we can send you a daily email with the passage of the day. You can go to your profile and opt-in via "Email Settings."

Can I keep track of the number of passages I complete?
Yes for every passage you complete click on "end" and it will mark it as complete. 

Who creates the Daily CARS Passages?
We create all of our own content. All passages are strongly based on previously administered AAMC materials to assure passage length, style, and logic are nearly identical. 

How do the streaks work?
Streaks are the number of consecutive dailsy passages you complete. Your streak increases by one if you complete one passage every 24 hours. You can complete a passage by clicking "end" for each passa...

How difficult are the CARS Daily Passages each day?
Passage difficulty is very subjective. You should expect a range of question types that are normally seen on the exam. We also include "poorly written questions" just like the MCAT to really mimic the...

I believe someone is doing my daily passages through my account.
We have a total of 365 Daily Passages and some of which you may have done previously and have since forgetten. If you really believe that your account is being used without your permission, please con...

What do the blue checkmarks mean?
If you see a blue checkmark, that means you have already completed the passage or clicked "end" at any point while viewing the passage.

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