Will I benefit from the course if I am weak in vocabulary?

Vocabulary has very little to do with this exam. Thankfully, CARS is not testing vocabulary. It examines a student's critical thinking ability. It's designed to see if students are sharp enough to pick up on patterns. We show our students these patterns over and over again until they master them. We completely focus on critical thinking and logical reasoning to help our students achieve their highest potential. 

We understand that some students are weaker at reading. We highly recommend the course to any pre-medical student as long as they were able to achieve a B or better in English 101 (or the equivalent). If they can read a newspaper article or a wikipedia page with no issue, they can learn how to approach even the most dense MCAT CARS passages.

Students can significantly improve on their reading ability with our help in as little as 2 months. Some students who lack in reading comprehension will require more time. They need establish realistic expectations be patient with their progress.

English as a Second Language (ESL) students have found much success through the course. It can significantly improve their reading comprehension. This is because the course teaches students how to read the MCAT "way" and how to answer questions their "way". 

Many ESL students lack in confidence when approaching CARS due to their inexperience with English. Jack teaches students of all kinds how to read with confidence and how to stay alert for big ideas.

We have helped thousands of students over the years on this section alone. We are certain that students who have a good attitude and a great work ethic can overcome the reading section of this exam.

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