Is it possible to re-listen to your lectures after the course is over? I want to start sooner to improve but I also want to go back to lessons closer to my test date.

This course is for students who want to learn how to take this exam the right way —the first time. 


If you follow the course, you will not need my assistance after 3 months. The skills you acquire will only get stronger and stronger with time. The mentality you are coming into the course with is not the right one to have. It assumes that you can't pay attention during the lecture or master the concepts prior to the next lecture. Good students can learn the material as its taught and build on the concepts in following lectures. 


Students who are not working hard and or are not listening to exactly what I have to say are the ones who have to rewatch older lessons. This is a waste of time if you have listened and worked hard the first time around. I don't let my students waste their time. 


I advise you to come in with the mentality that you will work hard to understand everything I have to say without the need of "going back". Confident, mature and hard working students can do this. I am sure you can too. Starting your studies earlier is the right approach which is why I prefer that you sign up earlier to really get the skills down. After the course finishes, you should know exactly how to correct your own mistakes. You'll be able to get the right answers completely on your own if you follow my course properly.


I provide every student with up to a year of live office hours each week in case they ever need to reach me. This is where you can ask for specific advice to strategies or general test questions.


If you really work hard and still don't get it during the course, please let me know and I have no problem setting time aside and helping you one on one. I would also provide you the ability to extend the course or retake the course entirely at no charge if you really get lost but don't count on this happening. It's a rare situation and if you think it will happen, I do not recommend signing up for this course. 


Sign up with the assurance that I will help you master CARS on your own and save you a lot of time and stress. 

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