If I sign up for your course, do you guarantee my scores will improve?

We cannot guarantee you will improve, because we don't know you. Will you actually follow our strategies? Will you work hard? Will you stay focused on test day? 

If you do well after the course, it's because you did well. If you don't do well after this course, it's because you did not do well. Jack Westin will show you what this exam wants and how to do it, but your execution or performance is in your hands. Under timed conditions, this exam becomes a different animal and preparation is key to success. 

We can guarantee that you will understand how to get every AAMC CARS question right through a step-by-step approach. You will learn exactly how to read and exactly how to answer even the most difficult questions.

For many students, our approach is a game-changer. Before they sign up, they have no idea what the exam truly wants. If this is something that you find valuable, then Jack Westin is worth your investment. We will show you what it takes to score 129+. This course will make you smarter, more logical, a better critical thinker. 

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