How is the course structured?

I provide students with six lectures each with corresponding homework (roughly 5-9 mandatory passages). Lectures are where you learn, step-by-step, specific strategies to understand CARS. The homework passages are from AAMC CARS Question Packs Volume 1 and 2. I cover all of these passages in workshops using the strategies you have learned throughout the lectures.

Each lecture and homework must be done every two weeks. You can do them in as little as 5 days from each other, but I recommend closer to 7-8 days. That means you must finish the course by 12 weeks (6 lectures X 2 weeks per lecture). I have this deadline, so that my students remain accountable. I want them to understand MCAT CARS ASAP. Two weeks per lecture is more than enough time to really get this. Once they finish the course properly, they will acquire the skills necessary to succeed on the entire MCAT. If they fall behind with the two week deadlines per lecture, they will fall behind with the course.

I do not plan to help you for as long as you like. That is not how this course works. I plan to help you finish this course and truly understand CARS as soon as possible. Once this has happened, my job is done. Now if you work hard and try to finish all of the lectures/homework within the time allotted but still have issues, I will continue to help you at no charge and provide access to the course, offer one on one sessions, phone calls, email check ins, etc. until I know you are ready.

This is entirely within my discretion. I am fair about this. I want my students to do well and nothing makes me happier than to see students work hard to accomplish their goals. But extra time is not necessary for most students who really try.

I'm sure you are thinking about possibly taking the course later so that you have access to me in case you need it. I do not recommend this, take the class as soon as you can within a year. Students who take the course closer to their exam date tend to stress a little more. They don't feel as comfortable making mistakes (you absolutely need to in order to grow and learn).

Upon completion of the course, you will confidently know what to do with this section of the exam. Independence is a very important aspect of the course and my philosophy as an instructor. I will not be there on test day. You have to take the exam on your own and you have to figure it out. You will easily figure out your mistakes if you complete the course.

Alumni students are free to always contact me for general questions, support, etc.

The only time students will need to pay to extend the course is if they did not work hard to complete a lecture and homework every two weeks. You will not need to use this option if you work hard during the course. I monitor all of your work (when you watched lectures, which live sessions you attended, which workshops you watched, which daily passages you completed and when, etc). I know the difference between someone who "gets it" and someone who has no idea what they are doing. It's a very clear line. Those who are working hard and still don't "get it" will never have to pay more to finally "get it"—that's my commitment to all of my students, provided that they are working hard.

If you finish the course successfully you will know what to do until exam day. You'll only get more proficient with time (like any skill you have ever acquired, mastery comes with time and practice). You will know how to identify and resolve your own mistakes, how to read every type of passage, how to find the right ideas from the passages, how to find the main idea, how to answer every single question type, and how to approach the science sections — all without needing my help. You will undoubtedly mature in your ability to rationalize information quickly.

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