Jack Westin Reviews
You’re in good company. Join 1000s of students with Jack Westin.


{{ testimonials['CRITICAL THINKING'].main.student_name }} A student of Jack Westin.

Our goal is not only to help
students score high on CARS.
It’s to help students achieve
an understanding of the exam.

She was able to improve her score from a 498
to a 518 by recognizing the pattern of the MCAT.
Through the course, this student reinforced and
mastered the principles the MCAT tests for
every section of the exam.

With attention to the right details, critical thinking
on the MCAT can be achieved with less practice
and time. Students study with Jack Westin to
advance their skill set more efficiently


In a step by step process, students learn exactly
how to read and answer questions the
way the MCAT expects.

{{ testimonials['SIMPLIFYING'].main.student_name }} A student of Jack Westin.

Students who are unsure of the exam become intimidated or confused. By breaking down the exam to its fundamentals, Kanwal was able to achieve a 128 on CARS

By simplifying the exam, students studying with Jack Westin significantly improve confidence - a vital state of mind.


Improving on the MCAT is not easy.
We’ll show how to do it but that
doesn’t mean you will improve.
Top scoring students are patient
and willing to listen to us.

Jeremy improved 4 points by really focusing on
what we teach. As he states in the video, we try to
be as transparent as possible about what it takes
to succeed.

Successful Jack Westin students have focus
on the details, patience, a positive attitude,
and a strong belief that they can improve
with hard work.

{{ testimonials['UNPARALLELED GUIDANCE'].main.student_name }} A student of Jack Westin.


We know how tough it is to study for the MCAT with school and work.
That’s why you can learn at anytime and anywhere but
still receive detailed personalized instruction.

{{ testimonials['PERSONALIZED'].main.student_name }} A student of Jack Westin.

Ben had a full time job and school but still
managed to increase his CARS score by 5
points and his overall score by 14 points!

The course can be done entirely at your
own pace but there are live sessions with
Jack every week to reinforce strategies
and receive personalized feedback.

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