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Your Guide to MCAT Test Dates 2024

Written by Seza on Feb 9, 2024

Your Guide to MCAT Test Dates 2024

The MCAT is a pivotal step in the journey of aspiring medical professionals, serving as a standardized evaluation of their readiness for medical school. If you’re planning to take the MCAT in 2024, it’s crucial to be well-informed about the test dates, registration procedures, and other vital details. This comprehensive guide aims to provide prospective MCAT test-takers with a clear and thorough understanding of the process.


When Should I Take The MCAT?

If you’re planning to take the MCAT in 2024, it’s crucial to strategize the timing of your exam carefully. The best timing depends on your individual circumstances, including your readiness and the medical school application timeline. Generally, most pre-medical students aim to take the MCAT in the spring or summer of the year they plan to apply to medical schools. This allows you to have your scores ready when you start the application process. Typically, registration for MCAT dates begins months in advance, so it’s wise to plan ahead and select a date that aligns with your study schedule. Remember that adequate preparation is key, and you should aim to take the MCAT when you feel confident and well-prepared to achieve your best possible score, which may vary from person to person.


How Do I know If I’m Ready For The MCAT?

Determining your readiness for the MCAT is a critical step in ensuring success on this challenging exam. Remember, readiness timelines vary from person to person. Don’t rush into the exam until you genuinely feel prepared, as your MCAT score plays a significant role in your medical school application. Several factors can help you assess your preparedness:

  • Content Knowledge Evaluation

Evaluate your content knowledge in key MCAT subjects like biology, chemistry, physics, psychology, and sociology. Ensure you’ve thoroughly covered the required topics.

  • Practice Test Performance

Take full-length practice exams under timed conditions to simulate the real test experience. Consistent performance near or above your target score is a positive sign of readiness.

  • Study Habits and Progress

Reflect on your study habits and progress. Are you adhering to a well-structured study plan? Have you effectively reviewed and practiced with MCAT-style questions? Ensure your study routine is efficient and productive.

  • Confidence Matters

Trust your confidence level. Feeling adequately prepared and confident about tackling the MCAT is crucial. If you consistently score well on practice exams, understand the content, and manage test-taking anxiety, it’s likely a good indicator that you’re ready.


Do MCAT Test Dates Fill Up Quickly?

Yes, MCAT test dates can fill up quickly, especially for popular testing centers and desirable time slots. As a result, it’s essential to register as early as possible to secure your preferred test date and location. The registration process usually opens several months in advance, and seats are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Waiting too long to register might limit your options, potentially forcing you to choose a less convenient test date or location. To ensure you have the best chance of getting your preferred MCAT test date, it’s advisable to plan ahead and register well in advance of your desired exam date.


How Long Do I Need to Study for The MCAT?

The duration of study needed to prepare for the MCAT can vary significantly from one individual to another. It largely depends on your prior knowledge of the test subjects, study habits, and personal commitments. However, a common guideline is to dedicate around 300-350 hours of study time over a span of 3 to 6 months. This allows for thorough coverage of the extensive content areas tested on the MCAT and ample time for practice exams. Some may require more or less time based on their starting point and learning pace. It’s essential to create a well-structured study plan, set achievable goals, and consistently assess your progress to ensure you are adequately prepared to excel on test day. Remember that the key is not just the amount of time but also the quality of your preparation.


MCAT Test Dates in 2024


MCAT Test Date MCAT Score Release Date Suggested Preparation Time Frame
January 12 February 13 Begin September – December
January 13 February 13 Begin September – December
January 18 February 20 Begin September – December
January 26 March 1 Begin September – December
March 9 April 9 Begin November – January
March 22 April 23 Begin November – January
April 12 May 14 Begin December – February
April 13 May 14 Begin December – February
April 26 May 29 Begin December – February
April 27 May 29 Begin December – February
May 4 June 4 Begin January – March
May 10 June 11 Begin January – March
May 11 June 11 Begin January – March
May 16 June 18 Begin January – March
May 24 June 25 Begin January – March
June 1 July 2 Begin March – April
June 14 July 16 Begin March – April
June 15 July 16 Begin March – April
June 22 July 23 Begin March – April
June 27 July 30 Begin March – April
July 13 August 13 Begin April – May
July 26 August 27 Begin April – May
August 2 September 4 Begin May – June
August 17 September 17 Begin May – June
August 23 September 24 Begin May – June
August 24 September 24 Begin May – June
September 5 October 8 Begin June – July
September 6 October 8 Begin June – July
September 13 October 15 Begin June – July
September 14 October 15 Begin June – July


How Can I Register for The MCAT?

Here is step-by-step guide that will walk you through the process to ensure a smooth and successful registration experience.

Step 1: Create an AAMC Account

Visit the official AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges) website and create an account if you don’t already have one. This account will be used for the MCAT registration and other related activities.

Step 2: Log In

Log in to your AAMC account using your username and password.

Step 3: Access the MCAT Registration System

Within your AAMC account, locate and access the MCAT Registration System. This is where you’ll initiate the registration process.

Step 4: Choose a Test Date and Location

Browse the available MCAT test dates and locations. Select the date and location that work best for you. Keep in mind that popular test dates and locations may fill up quickly, so it’s advisable to plan ahead.

Step 5: Review Test Information

Review all the information related to the MCAT, including test day policies and procedures. Ensure that you understand the exam format and what to expect on test day.

Step 6: Provide Personal Information

Enter your personal information accurately as prompted. This may include your legal name, contact details, and other required information.

Step 7: Select Score Recipients

Indicate the medical schools or programs to which you want your MCAT scores sent. You can select these recipients during registration or add them later for an additional fee.

Step 8: Confirm Identity

Provide identification details, such as your government-issued ID, to verify your identity on test day.

Step 9: Pay Registration Fee

Pay the MCAT registration fee using a valid payment method. The 2024 MCAT registration fee is $335 for U.S. examinees and $450 for international test takers. However, if you meet the requirements for the AAMC’s Fee Assistance Program (FAP), you can register for a reduced fee of $140. Keep in mind that fee details may change, so it’s a good idea to verify the most current fees on the AAMC website.

Step 10: Review and Confirm

Review all the information you’ve entered to ensure its accuracy. Double-check your selected test date, location, and score recipients. Confirm your registration.

Step 11: Receive Confirmation

Once your registration is complete, you will receive a confirmation email with important details about your MCAT test date, location, and what to expect on test day.

Step 12: Prepare for the MCAT

With your MCAT registration confirmed, it’s time to start preparing for the exam. Develop a study plan, gather study materials, and begin your preparation journey.

Final Word

Preparing for the MCAT in 2024 requires careful planning and consideration. It’s essential to choose the right test date based on your readiness and application timeline.Remember that MCAT test dates can fill up quickly, so early registration is advisable to secure your preferred date and location. Additionally, the duration of study needed varies, but dedicating sufficient time and maintaining a high-quality study routine is key. 

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