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What Time Does AAMC Release MCAT Scores?

Written by Nassim on Jun 21, 2023

What Time Does AAMC Release MCAT Scores?

Candidates put so much effort, time, and energy into preparing for their Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). Each year more than 85,000 students sit for this exam, and indeed all of them are fully aware that this is what can make or break their application to their desired college. The atmosphere is highly competitive and stressful. Therefore, it is a huge relief when the seven-and-a-half-hour test is finally over, and you make it to the other side. However, after the exam ends, another stressful period begins for premeds. As they anxiously wait for AAMC (The Association of American Medical Colleges) to release their MCAT results, they cannot help but think: “Did I do well enough?” or “Will I be able to impress the admission officers?” Yet, all these nagging thoughts come down to one pressing question: What day and what time does the AAMC release MCAT scores. 

 It is absolutely normal to feel anxious at this stage. Yet, knowing the score release date might help reduce your stress. There are also a few other things you could do to deal with your anxiety while waiting for MCAT scores. 

 In this post, we will elaborate on how and when the MCAT results are announced, how you can access them, and what you can do in the meantime to overcome exam results anxiety.

What Time Does AAMC Release MCAT Scores?

What Time does AAMC Release MCAT scores?

You will have to wait for nearly one month after the exam to see whether you have gotten your desired score. The MCAT results are announced around 30 to 35 days following the test date, and you can find your results by 5 p.m. on the day of the announcement. 

Can the students see their MCAT results earlier than the expected date?

There have been cases where AAMC announced the results a day or two earlier than the expected date, but it is not something that candidates can count on. We advise you to be patient and remember that you can find your results nearly a month after your test date. 

What are the 2022 MCAT score release dates?

You can check out the table below, published by AAMC, to find out the exact dates the 2022 MCAT results will be announced. 

Test Date Score Release Date
January 14 Feb. 15
January 15 Feb. 15
January 20 Feb. 22
January 21 Feb. 22
March 12 April 12
March 25 April 26
April 8 May 10
April 9 May 10
April 29 May 31
April 30 May 31
May 13 June 14
May 14 June 14
May 19 June 21
May 27 June 28
June 4 July 6
June 17 July 19
June 18 July 19
June 24 July 26
June 25 July 26
June 30 Aug. 1
July 16 Aug. 16
July 29 Aug. 30
August 5 Sept. 7
August 20 Sept. 20
August 26 Sept. 27
August 27 Sept. 27
September 1 Oct. 4
September 2 Oct. 4
September 9 Oct. 11
September 10 Oct. 11


Why do the MCAT results take so long to be announced?

30-35 days might seem a long time. However, scaling and equating each form takes nearly a month, and this is to ensure that the results are handled with utmost care. Moreover, in this period, the students will be able to submit any concerns or complaints they might have regarding the test conditions and questions. They are encouraged to submit a report, even anonymously, if any violations or irregular behavior happens during the examination. These reports require careful review and investigation since the MCAT program has high regard for exam integrity and security. For these reasons, AAMC is not able to announce the MCAT results immediately after the test.

How can students access their MCAT scores once they are released?

Once the wait is over and the scores are officially released, you can visit the AAMC website to access the MCAT Score Reporting System. In order to check your results, you need to click on the “Get your scores” button. You will need your username and password to sign in, and then you will finally be able to check your score. 

What Time Does AAMC Release MCAT Scores?

How is the MCAT score calculated?

In the score report, you will find five scores. One score for each multiple-choice section (Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems; Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems; Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior; and Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills) and one total score. According to AAMC, all scores are scaled and equated to ensure a fair assessment; therefore, MCAT is not graded on a curve. This process includes three steps:

  1. The number of correct answers for each of the four sections is calculated.
  2. Correct answers are counted, and the number goes through the MCAT scaling process. The score for each section varies from a minimum of 118 to a maximum of 132.
  3. The four scaled scores are added up, and the final total score will be in the range of 472 to 528. 

How long are MCAT results valid?

Most medical schools consider MCAT results dating back to two or three years valid. However, this might not apply to all medical schools, and students are strongly advised to check the requirements of individual medical schools.

What are the best ways to handle MCAT results anxiety?

If you worry about your MCAT results, know that you are not alone. Other premeds are impatiently stressing over one question as well: “When does AAMC announce MCAT scores? As much as a certain level of anxiety is expected during this period, you should not let it get the better of you and become debilitating. 

Here are several tips to help you calm your nerves while you wait for the results:

Do Not Turn a Blind Eye to Your Negative Feelings

Suppressing or ignoring your feelings is never a good idea as it feeds the anxiety even more. Once you acknowledge your worries, you will be able to find your way through them. Remind yourself that you have no control over the exam results and that anxiety is a normal response in the face of uncertainty. 

You Don’t Have to Fight Your Battles Alone

 We need to give more credit to the old saying, “A burden shared is a burden halved.” If you bottle up your feelings, you will let them turn into an anchor that will weigh you down sooner or later. Sharing your thoughts with others helps you put them into perspective and make them seem less daunting. Whether you talk to a parent/caregiver, a friend, or a consultant, you will be surprised to see how much lighter you will feel once you express how you feel about your upcoming MCAT results. 

Ride the Anxiety Wave If You Cannot Prevent It

The fight or flight response is your body’s natural reaction to situations where you are not in control. Practicing mindfulness and breathing techniques will get you through these overwhelming emotions. You might also want to indulge in activities that give you a sense of control, such as solving a puzzle, going for a run, or even cleaning up or organizing. 

Find What You Love and Let It Distract You

You might be surprised to hear that not all the anxiety you feel after the exam is down to the excruciating wait for the results. Part of it stems from a sense of void that comes after months of focusing on a single goal. All of a sudden, you find yourself lost, with nothing to concentrate on. That is why you need to keep busy. Some students give up their favorite activities during MCAT preparation. Now might be an excellent time to pick up where you left off and get back to the old routines. You could even take new directions, discover new interests or pursue long-held passions. Are you into sports? Are you big on movies and series? Do you fancy taking up some volunteering? The bottom line is that you need to find something to keep you focused. 

Avoid Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms

After passing a great ordeal such as the MCAT, you deserve to enjoy yourself and indulge in activities you like. We already touched on the subject of distracting yourself with the activities that bring you pleasure and solace, but you might want to be careful about the extent and nature of such distractions. Indulging in alcohol or drugs might temporarily provide the distraction you are looking for. However, once the effects wear off, you will be disappointed to see that your worries are still there, only with an added hangover or a pounding headache.

Don’t Catastrophize About What Comes Next

It is understandable if you are laboring under the pressure of what is expected from you and what you expect from yourself. The scrutiny of others, even loved ones, and society is definitely a pressure cooker, but do not let them crush your spirit. Ask yourself, “What will happen if I fail to achieve my desired MCAT score?” Once you try to answer this question, you will see that it is not the end of the world. Catastrophizing would not change anything. Many people before you have experienced this worst-case scenario and survived.    

What to do when the results are announced?

Firstly, you need to give yourself some credit for making it this far. Choosing to go down the MCAT path is a daring move and deserves to be acknowledged. You have put in so much hard work and been through many ups and downs. Therefore, give yourself a pat on the back and know that you have come out stronger regardless of the outcome.  

The results will either be what you wished for or, unfortunately, fail to meet your expectations. If you are among the first group, congratulations! You deserve this! Celebrate and bask in the pleasure of success but do not forget to plan for your college applications and check the deadlines. Now that you have received your scores, you have a clearer picture of where you stand. The next step is to begin working on your Personal Statement essay, Extracurriculars, or meet with a Jack Westin Admissions Counselor to help get you into your dream school. 

If you have not gotten the score you wanted, it is not the end of the world. MCAT is not a fail/pass exam; therefore, you can still weigh your options and consult advisors to see whether the current score can help you with your applications. Some schools take the holistic approach toward applicants, meaning they do not merely consider the MCAT score. So, you might still have a chance for a successful application if you apply strategically. Try to present yourself in the best light, and hopefully, you will find your way to medical school.

Students can take the exam up to three times per year and seven times in their lifetime. If you finally decide to have a retake, give yourself enough time to recover and prepare, do not rush yourself. Consult professionals and stay motivated. Try to learn from the mistakes and make a better plan next time. Remember that you are not alone; not receiving the desired score is quite common, and many people go through the same experience. The medical school admission process is an arduous journey, but you can realize your dreams with a clear plan, hard work, high motivation, and help from the right sources. 

If you are considering an opportunity to retake the MCAT, be sure to connect with a Jack Westin Academic Advisor. This is a free service that Jack Westin offers to help students get the most out of their MCAT preparation. CLICK HERE to schedule a meeting.


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