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Roles of mRNA, tRNA, rRNA

Written by Shubhi Khandelwal on Feb 26, 2020

mRNA sends signals from DNA to the ribosomes to synthesize proteins. This is why it is known as messenger RNA. tRNA is a type of RNA that encodes the codon of the mRNA to synthesize the proteins. rRNA is a type of RNA that is present in the ribosomes and act as their building blocks.

mRNA is a type of RNA that acts as a messenger of DNA to send information or message for the formation of proteins. mRNA is synthesized from the DNA by a process known as transcription. This takes place in the nucleus. The mRNA then moves to the cytoplasm towards the ribosomes and synthesize proteins by the process known as translation. tRNA or transfer RNA helps in the transfer of amino acids to the ribosomes for the synthesis of proteins. They match the codons of the mRNA with the amino acids the codons synthesize. It contains anticodons that detect the codons of mRNA. It has a specific cloverleaf like structure. rRNA does not code for amino acids. They act as the building blocks of the ribosomes that are the factory of protein synthesis. This RNA help in reading the amino acid sequence and bind or link them to synthesize proteins.


Key Points

  • mRNA is formed from one strand of DNA by a process known as transcription.
  • tRNA helps in transferring amino acids to the ribosomes.
  • tRNA has anticodons for the codons of mRNA that decides which amino acid will be synthesized.
  • rRNA acts as the building block of the ribosomes and also helps to read the sequence of amino acids and link them to synthesize the proteins.

Key Terms

  • RNA: It is a type of nucleic acid that helps in the synthesis of proteins in the cells.
  • Transcription: It is the process of synthesis of mRNA from DNA.
  • Translation: It is the process of synthesis of protein from mRNA.
  • Codon: Sequence of three nucleotides that decides which amino acid will be synthesized.
  • Ribosome: protein/mRNA complexes found in all cells that are involved in the production of proteins by translating messenger RNA.

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