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MCAT Courses Canada – Factors that must be considered

Written by Jack Westin on Oct 10, 2019

MCAT Courses Canada

MCAT Courses Canada. There are many options for MCAT courses but none seem to be worth the price or have the edge students are looking for. And since there are only a handful of medical schools in Canada, a good MCAT score – specifically a good CARS score – can improve your chances of gaining admission in Canada. There are several important factors that must be considered to determine if an MCAT course in Canada is a good idea.

Canada MCAT courses vary in length, the quality of teaching, and flexibility with schedules. Researching and asking friends about various MCAT courses in Canada could help you make a good decision. But most Canadian students opt to not sign up for an MCAT course in Canada simply because each class varies depending on the teacher assigned to the course.

In addition to this, most premedical students are capable of teaching themselves the material tested on the MCAT. The content tested can be found in the topic outline the AAMC provides.

While most of the material MCAT courses in Canada teach can be self-taught, many students may feel that they are weak on a particular subject. In such cases, I recommend purchasing MCAT prep books and doing a lot of problems in those specific subjects. If you do a lot of questions everyday and review correct and wrong answers, you will improve dramatically.

Doing problems is the key to improvement. While MCAT courses in Canada claim to offer a lot of problems, any student can purchase the books they want freely without even signing up for a $2K+ course. There are also plenty of practice exams from prep-companies that you can buy individually.

The benefit of an MCAT course in Canada would be the schedule it gives you. This schedule gives you a foundation so that you don’t get lost or lazy. But is a schedule really worth thousands of dollars?

This is why I recommend that you try to create your own schedule first. There are plenty of MCAT prep-books and practice exams available that might make MCAT courses in Canada obsolete. If you are worried about how to best spend your time, I will be releasing a study schedule soon that can help you. There are also other study schedules available online, such as the SDN SN2 schedule You can also try to spend a couple of days to plan your own study schedule.

Since the MCAT is also a more strategic exam than a content exam, I highly recommend having a method to answer questions. MCAT courses in Canada do not offer this. They simply like to teach you the content. I don’t see a big difference between Khan academy videos and test-prep videos or lectures.

Focus on figuring out how to best answer questions in a methodological manner. Since the entire exam is passage-based, content is not as important as reading. This may seem obvious, but you would be surprised at how many students have a difficult time reading passages and answering questions without getting lost.

So before you commit to an MCAT course in Canada, try to focus on creating your own schedule to tackle your weaknesses. Even consider hiring a tutor to work on those specific subjects that you need extra help on.

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