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MCAT CARS Sample: Test Yourself Here

Written by Jack Westin on Oct 10, 2019

MCAT CARS Sample: Test Yourself Here

Here is an MCAT CARS sample passage I wrote along with some common MCAT style questions and answer choices. The answers for this sample MCAT CARS passage are below. You can ask me questions about any specific question during the free trial session or in office hours if you are currently a student of mine.

If you would like Daily MCAT CARS practice reading passages. Everyday, I hand select articles good for MCAT CARS practice reading comprehension. Reading daily is a good form of MCAT CARS practice but not necessarily the only contributing factor to a higher score.

Keep in mind the free sample passage may not be totally historically accurate but it’s very close. I will also give you 6 questions AAMC likes to ask. My goal is to capture the exact vagueness and density of an MCAT passage and also the type of thinking the MCAT expects from you.

Update 2018: Take this MCAT CARS Sample Passage

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