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MCAT CARS Help: Improving your Mindset to Start

Written by Jack Westin on Oct 10, 2019

Jack Westin MCAT CARS Help

Do you need MCAT CARS help? Critical analysis and reasoning skills (CARS) section is the hardest section on the MCAT. Students seek help for the MCAT CARS section because they usually don’t know how to approach it. MCAT CARS help can come in many forms but I think you can significantly improve by simply changing your mental mindset.

Most students end up having to retake the exam because of the MCAT CARS section. Some even have to take it a third time. Aside from the difficult pre-medical courses such as organic chemistry and biochemistry, this one section is possibly the biggest weeder of pre-medical students. It stops most in their tracks. Students could fall behind by as much as two or three years due to the time necessary to re-study for the MCAT and given the volatile nature of the application cycle.

Most students believe CARS is based upon the strength of your reading comprehension since your primary objective is to read passages and answer corresponding questions within a set amount of time. If you think you need MCAT CARS help because you are not the best at reading or because English isn’t your first language- you are mistaken. That’s not even remotely true. This section is purely based on critical-thinking – not reading comprehension. So if you need MCAT CARS tips, first change your approach.


MCAT CARS Help: The number one factor

If you can read this blog, you can attain a perfect score on the CARS section if CARS was based solely on reading comprehension. If you asked me what the number one factor is to help students overcome the MCAT CARS section, I would say critical thinking.

What is critical-thinking? I bet you think it’s this hard thing that only a handful of people can do. Something you could not do since you aren’t one of those students who just “gets” things quickly. Well that’s not true. It’s actually really easy to do but it’s a skill you must acquire. Just like driving a car or typing on a keyboard. It takes time to acquire it. And it takes even more practice to master it. Did you make any mistakes on your first day of driving? How about your second day? What about your fourth week?

You probably got better at driving with the right guidance, practice, and patience. Well that’s what it takes to learn how to thinking critically. MCAT CARS help starts with you. If you expect to drive on the freeway on your first day of driving, you will be deeply disappointed and potentially even quit. But if you take baby steps towards it and have the willingness to learn and make mistakes, you can master this section.

Just like in driving school, having the right MCAT CARS tutor could make a difference. But who says you absolutely need a tutor? MCAT CARS help could and should start off by first changing your strategy before you seek assistance.

When you are looking for MCAT CARS help don’t simply look for more passages. Look to challenge yourself in different ways each day you study. This could be in the form of reading denser passages or actually spending the time reviewing AAMC CARS questions. Quality study time is way more valuable than quantity when it comes to CARS. You also don’t need a class to teach you the skills necessary to do well. Start by actively looking for patterns in the way the passages are written and the questions are presented. If you are careful enough, you will find that most passages are asking you the same questions.

Change your attitude, change your perception, and this will help you the most with the MCAT CARS section.The CARS section is as much psychological as it is logical. You can have perfect logic but if you live in constant fear of messing up or have low confidence, that logical ability will be clouded. By learning a fundamental strategy that becomes natural on test day, you can overcome the beast that is MCAT CARS. If you need MCAT CARS help, revaluate what you are doing first.

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