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Everything You Need to Know about AAMC FLs

Written by Seza on Sep 11, 2023

Everything You Need to Know about AAMC FLs

The MCAT is a challenging and stressful exam that requires extensive preparation. Practice exams can help reduce your stress by providing a simulation of the actual test format, structure, and timing. You can get familiarized with the types of questions asked, pacing, and overall structure of the exam, and you can also gauge your preparedness for the actual test. AAMC FLs are one of the best MCAT practice exams and in this post, you can learn what they are, how they work and when is the best time to take them. 

5 Reasons Why Practice Tests Are Vital for MCAT Preparation

Practice tests are important for MCAT preparation for several reasons:

Identifying strengths and weaknesses:

Practice tests can help identify a student’s strengths and weaknesses in different areas of the exam. By analyzing the results of the practice tests, students can see which areas they need to focus on more during their study sessions.

Building test-taking skills:

Practice tests can help build test-taking skills such as time management, endurance, and the ability to understand and interpret complex questions.

Familiarizing with exam format:

Practice tests can help students become more familiar with the format and structure of the MCAT. This can help students feel more comfortable and confident when taking the actual exam.

Reducing anxiety:

Taking practice tests can help reduce anxiety and stress associated with the actual exam. By practicing and becoming more familiar with the test format, students can feel more prepared and confident on test day.

Assessing readiness:

Practice tests can provide students with a measure of their readiness for the MCAT. This can help students gauge their progress and adjust their study plans accordingly.


What are AAMC FLs?

The AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges) provides a series of practice exams called the “AAMC FLs” (full-length exams) for students preparing for the MCAT. The AAMC FLs are considered to be the most accurate representation of the actual MCAT exam, as they are created by the same organization that administers the test. There are currently four AAMC FLs available, each of which is designed to simulate the content and format of the MCAT.

The AAMC FLs are widely used by students as a measure of their readiness for the MCAT. By taking these practice tests, students can identify areas where they need additional study and practice, and develop test-taking strategies to improve their performance on the actual exam.

Are AAMC FLs a good source of practice for the MCAT?

Yes! AAMC FLs are considered one of the best sources of practice for the MCAT. They are created by the same organization that produces the actual MCAT exam, so they are the closest representation of what you can expect on test day.

Here are the most significant benefits of taking AAMC FLs as part of your MCAT preparation:

Familiarity with the test format:

 AAMC FLs provide you with an opportunity to become familiar with the format, structure, and timing of the actual MCAT exam. By taking practice tests, you can reduce test anxiety and improve your confidence on test day.

Content coverage:

 AAMC FLs cover the same content areas and question types as the actual MCAT exam, so they are a reliable way to assess your readiness for the test. By taking AAMC FLs, you can identify your strengths and weaknesses and focus your studying on areas where you need improvement.

Accuracy of score prediction: 

AAMC FLs are the most accurate predictor of your actual MCAT score. The scoring of AAMC FLs is based on the same methodology used to score the actual MCAT exam. This means that your performance on AAMC FLs can provide a good estimate of your score on the actual exam.

Test-taking strategies: 

Taking AAMC FLs can help you develop effective test-taking strategies, such as time management and eliminating answer choices. By analyzing your performance on AAMC FLs, you can identify areas where you need to improve your test-taking strategies and adjust your approach accordingly.


AAMC FLs can help build your confidence by providing you with a sense of accomplishment and progress. By seeing improvement in your scores over time, you can feel more prepared and confident on test day.


How to access AAMC FLs?

To access AAMC FLs, you need to create an account on the AAMC website and purchase the exam materials. Follow these steps to access AAMC FLs:

  1. Go to the AAMC website and its MCAT Prep Products.
  2. Scroll down to the “MCAT Practice Exams” section, and select “Purchase Practice Exam.”
  3. Create an account on the AAMC website if you haven’t already done so.
  4. Follow the prompts to purchase the exam materials. You can purchase individual practice exams or bundles of multiple exams.
  5. Once you’ve purchased the exam materials, you can access the practice exams from your AAMC account.
  6. Follow the instructions provided by AAMC to download and take the practice exams.


Note that AAMC FLs are a valuable source of MCAT practice, so it’s recommended that you take them as part of your MCAT preparation. However, they can be expensive, so it’s important to budget accordingly and plan ahead to ensure that you have access to the materials when you need them.

When is the right time to take AAMC FLs?

Here is a step-by-step guide to taking AAMC FLs exams:

  • Build a strong foundation: Before taking any practice exams, it’s important to have a strong foundation in the content that will be tested on the MCAT. This means reviewing and mastering the concepts in biology, biochemistry, chemistry, physics, and psychology/sociology.


  • Take practice exams from other sources: After building a strong foundation, it’s a good idea to take practice exams from other sources, such as commercial test prep companies or free online resources. These practice exams will help you get used to the format and timing of the MCAT and identify areas of weakness.


  • Complete content review: Once you have completed practice exams from other sources, review any areas of weakness and solidify your content knowledge. This may involve reviewing textbooks, watching videos, or working with a tutor.


  • Take AAMC Section Bank: Once you feel confident in your content knowledge and have completed practice exams from other sources, it’s time to take the AAMC Section Bank. This resource contains passages and questions that closely resemble those on the MCAT and will help you identify areas where you need additional practice.


  • Take AAMC FLs: Finally, once you have completed the AAMC Section Bank, it’s time to start taking the AAMC FLs. Ideally, you should start taking these exams about 4-6 weeks before your actual MCAT test date. Taking all four AAMC FLs is recommended to get a comprehensive picture of your readiness for the exam.


Overall, the timing for taking AAMC FLs depends on how much time you have to prepare for the MCAT and how confident you feel in your content knowledge and test-taking skills. It’s important to give yourself enough time to complete a thorough review of the content and to take practice exams from other sources before taking the AAMC FLs.


How to Analyze AAMC FLs Results

Reviewing an MCAT practice exam is a major step in MCAT preparation. Analyzing AAMC FLs can be an effective way to identify your strengths and weaknesses and improve your performance on the MCAT. Here are some tips on how to analyze your AAMC FLs:

  • Review your results: 

Start by reviewing your overall score and the scores in each section. Identify your strongest and weakest areas, and pay attention to any patterns or trends in your performance.

  • Identify specific areas for improvement: 

Once you’ve identified your weakest areas, focus on specific content areas or question types that you struggled with. This will help you prioritize your studying and focus on the areas that will have the biggest impact on your score.

  • Analyze your mistakes: 

Review each question you got wrong or guessed on, and try to identify the specific reasons why you got the question wrong. Was it a content gap, a misunderstanding of the question stem, or a careless mistake? By identifying your mistakes, you can develop strategies to avoid making the same errors in the future.

  • Analyze your timing: 

Pay attention to the amount of time you spent on each section and each question. Did you run out of time in any section? Did you spend too much time on any particular question? Identifying your timing issues can help you develop strategies to manage your time more effectively on test day.

  • Review the explanations: 

AAMC FLs provide detailed explanations for each question, so take the time to review them carefully. These explanations can help you deepen your understanding of the content and improve your test-taking strategies.

  • Track your progress: 

Keep track of your scores on each AAMC FL, and note any improvements or declines in your scores. This can help you identify areas where you are making progress and areas where you still need to focus your efforts.

By analyzing your AAMC FLs carefully, you can identify your strengths and weaknesses, develop effective study strategies, and improve your performance on the MCAT.

Final Word

Overall, AAMC FLs are valuable resources for MCAT preparation. AAMC FLs provide familiarity with the test format, assess your content knowledge and skills, predict your score, improve your test-taking strategies, and improve your confidence. They can significantly reduce your stress and help you achieve the best possible score on the MCAT exam.

If you have more questions about the MCAT resources or need help at any stage of your MCAT preparation don’t hesitate to contact Jack Westin experts. You can also check out Jack Westin MCAT courses or check our website to learn more about our MCAT tutoring packages.

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