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All Our Exams Are For You

Written by Ryan on Mar 4, 2022

We gave ourselves the goal of creating the most realistic practice resources ever for the CARS section of the MCAT. We are pleased to announce that starting today all of our Exams are now free.

In mid-August, we quietly released our version of Exams. In this time we have continuously tweaked each of these tests based on students performance on them.

We have gotten a ton of great feedback. Using that feedback to improve the experience for students.

Our Los Angeles and Chicago Exams have been a hit that we have continued to improve over time. We have just published our Toronto exam.

Soon we will be rolling out our next batch of Exams: New York(2.0), San Fransico, San Diego, Montreal, and Miami. We cannot wait to share those with students.

We intend to have 8 CARS Exams putting our total at 72 Passages and 424 questions shortly.

Our Exams are named after cities to remind our selves of real prospective medical doctors living in them. These places belong to the people in them, and now all our Exams do as well.

Students sacrifice enormously to become doctors. We wanted to do our part to make it easier.

Find all our practice exams on

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