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AAMC MCAT Prep: Information and Additional Resources

Written by Jack Westin on Nov 7, 2019

AAMC MCAT Prep: Information and Additional Resources

Use our AAMC MCAT Prep Guide to learn more about AAMC study materials, AAMC practice tests, as well as additional MCAT prep resources.


About AAMC (the Association of American Medical Colleges)

The AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges) is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1876 that is dedicated to improving the medical system through innovative and groundbreaking medical education, research, and patient care. 

They are committed to cultivating the best minds in academic medicine. The AAMC created and continues to improve upon the MCAT exam (Medical College Admission Test) to set the standard for what it takes to become a doctor. They also produce a considerable wealth of prep materials to ensure medical students have all they need to succeed. 


There are plenty of purchasable resources available from AAMC that will help you prepare for your MCAT and medical school application. 

AAMC offers AAMC MCAT® Official Prep Products for sale online. The available practice materials are written by the actual developers of the MCAT exam, making them an excellent resource for aspiring medical students. That being said, these practice products are not available for free. There’s an Official Guide to the MCAT Exam, the AAMC MCAT Official Prep Section Bank, as well as a number of different bundles, including the MCAT Official Prep Complete Bundle.


With the AAMC MCAT Official Prep Hub, you can access all of your purchased practice products. You’ll also find products received through the Fee Assistance Program in the prep hub as well as other free resources. If you would like to purchase new products, you can do that through the hub too. You will need to sign in using your AAMC login username and password. If you do not have one, you can create one.

How Do I Access My AAMC MCAT Bundle?

As with any of your AAMC purchases and practice materials, you can access your AAMC MCAT Bundle in the Official AAMC Prep Hub.

MCAT Full Length Practice Test

AAMC offers four different MCAT Official Prep Practice Exams that are available for purchase online. The practice exams have 230 questions and are designed to have the same look, length, and functionality as the real MCAT exam.

AAMC MCAT Prep Resources

AAMC MCAT Interface Chrome Extension

Although the AAMC MCAT practice materials are an extremely valuable resource, some of the practice question material is not in the proper MCAT exam format. This, understandably, is extremely frustrating for students. 

The Jack Westin team has built a chrome extension that allows those who have purchased the AAMC practice materials to view the test content in the proper MCAT format. This is a real asset, as it will allow you to interact with the AAMC practice materials just as you would on the actual MCAT exam, so there’s no chance of an unfortunate surprise on exam day.

Extra CARS MCAT Prep

The MCAT is predominantly a test of your critical thinking skills. The CARS section (Critical Analysis and Reasoning), in particular, is where your ability to think critically needs to shine. Medical school admissions consider the CARS section of the MCAT more closely, so extra time must be taken to prepare for this section. 

Students often struggle with comprehension, reasoning, and analysis because these are skills as opposed to facts that you can memorize. The CARS section assesses how you can apply that knowledge to real world situations. 

Jack Westin offers 6 Free MCAT CARS Practice Exams that will help prepare you for the CARS portion of your exam. Each of the passages has the exact style, topics, and length as the AAMC CARS section.

For ongoing and consistent CARS preparation, subscribe to the free MCAT Question of the Day. A CARS practice question will be emailed to you daily to help you excel at the CARS portion of the MCAT.

Questions About AAMC MCAT Prep

How Many AAMC Practice Exams Are There?

The AAMC MCAT Official Prep Products offer four different practice exams as well as an official prep sample test. These are available for purchase separately or in various bundles. 

Is the AAMC Sample Test Easier?

The AAMC sample test is slightly easier than what you will face on the actual MCAT, but it is still very challenging. The sample test will get you familiar with how questions will be phrased, as well as the length of the test. By answering sample questions regularly, you can train your brain to start processing and extrapolating information the way the MCAT intends you to. 

Although the sample test is easier, your score should be a good indication of how you will perform on the test. 

Build A Medical School Application That Stands Out

A medical school application has a lot of moving parts that make the whole process confusing, tedious, and time-consuming. The many variables required and the subjective nature of the application often leave applicants feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.

Whether it’s choosing the best AAMC prep products, studying for your MCAT, or writing a personal statement, we will guide you through the entire medical school application process. We help our students reach their full potential on each section of the application.

Our team of editors and advisors (including Jack) have years of experience and are ready to help you overcome any challenges that may stand in your way.

Join the Waitlist for Medical School Admissions with Jack Westin.

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