The MCAT CARS Strategy Course begins January 28! Enroll

The MCAT CARS Strategy Course begins January 28!

MCAT CARS Strategy Course

A course designed to help you master CARS

and tackle all other sections of the MCAT.

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Our top priority is to help students overcome the CARS section as soon as possible. We're committed to support our students until they "get it". Students who complete the course have access to live weekly office hours for up to a year.


Learn how to read and answer questions exactly how the MCAT expects you to.


An online structured course with lectures, homework, workshops, office hours, and personalized instruction.


2-3 interactive live sessions with Jack at various times each week. All sessions are recorded.

This online course can be completed in a minimum of 4 weeks or spaced throughout 12 weeks (3 months). We want to see our hard-working students grow and succeed. As long as you work hard, we will do everything we can to ensure that you understand CARS. After the course, students still have access to Jack and the team through live weekly office hours for up to a year. Students who enroll prior to the start date receive a head start to study. Classes often reach capacity a month before the start date. Please enroll early to ensure a spot.

start date
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Late January CARS Course
January 28, 2021
start date
course id
Late January CARS Course
January 28, 2021

what to expect

We expect our students to be committed to their improvement. Enroll if you are willing to work hard and not give up. Improving on CARS is not easy but we can do it together.

  • Think like a 129+ scorer
  • Set daily schedule to follow
  • All passage and question types explained
  • Over 70 Hours of Instruction
  • One, experienced CARS specialist
  • Master critical thinking skills
  • Interactive online classroom
  • Personalized attention with constant feedback
  • All JW exams and daily passages included
  • Weekly: Homework, workshops, and office hours
  • Gain confidence with a clear, proven method
  • Fun and motivating environment
  • Improve focus and endurance
  • Recommended for all pre-meds, including ESL
  • Applicable to sciences
  • Emphasis on timing
  • Live office hours for a year

have a question?

See our Frequently Asked Questions
Pre-medical students who want to approach the MCAT, specifically the CARS section of the exam, strategically
I do not offer one-on-one help because I do not think it is as effective. In the course, students get to hear other students' questions and how other students think. It's also a very fun way to learn. I also do not offer an hourly rate because students need around 14 hours of teaching time/ reinforcement to master CARS. Each student in a course receives over 60 hours of teaching time.
This is a six-week (42 days) course. However, students have access to all content and live sessions for up to 90 days starting from course start date. It is similar in size and scope to a university level course. There are 6 lectures (pre-recorded). Each lecture is 4-5 hours long. Students are responsible for watching these lectures on their on time each week. Since students have 90 days access, they can decide to watch one lecture a week or even one every two weeks. Each lecture has a homework associated with it (6 homework in total) that explain precisely what a student should do before going to the next lecture. The course also includes live workshops which act as discussions. We go over the homework assigned from lecture, discuss lecture strategies, students participate so that I can give them individual feedback, and there is time for Q/A on anything students have questions about. Each live workshop is 2-3 hours long. Students can expect 2-3 live workshops a week and the workshop times vary each week to accommodate various student schedules. All workshops are also recorded in case they cannot attend or would like to watch it on their spare time.
I do not offer pay as you go or a lower price for a select amount of sessions. But I do offer installment planning. With installment planning, you are required to pay for the entire course regardless of if you attend all six sessions. It is a binding contract.
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not sure? try a session for free.

  • Learn Basic Strategy for CARS
  • Emphasis on timing
  • Full Jack Westin Experience
  • Interactive Online Classroom

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Tuesday, January 19, 2021 at 8PM ET


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Letter To Students


I'm an online MCAT CARS tutor. My goal is to help you master the CARS section. I firmly believe when you master CARS, you'll think like a top scorer (129 range).

My sessions are offered through a web conferencing platform. I will show you step-by-step how to read passages and answer every question.

As an MCAT instructor, I have taught over a thousand students from around the world. I'm effective because I love to teach and I simplify the MCAT. You'll learn how to master the MCAT. As an MCAT CARS tutor, I only teach the CARS section of the MCAT. Yet, everything I show you can and will be applied to the other three sections.

If you attend a free trial session, you'll see how simple this exam is. I will also assess your abilities and show you how I teach.

I offer a strategy course. The MCAT is roughly 70% critical thinking (passage-based deduction) and 30% content. My teaching focuses on the 70%. Being able to think critically is key to achieving a high overall score.

I will show you how to read passages and answer questions the strategic way, the way the MCAT wants you to do it. You will learn how to finish each section on time.

You'll also learn how to mentally view this exam. When you understand CARS, you will understand how and why the MCAT asks the questions they ask. If you are willing to listen to me and put in the work, any score is in your reach.

I wish you the best of luck in your studies!



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