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Our mission is to improve critical thinking

The MCAT is roughly 70% critical thinking (passage-based deduction) and 30% content. Our teaching focuses on the 70%. Being able to think critically is key to achieving a high overall score.

Simplifying AAMC Logic

The AAMC, the creators of the MCAT, have a distinct pattern of presenting information and asking questions.

We want to teach you how to break down their thought process. You’ll only learn strategies that are proven to work on the MCAT.

The exam will seem much simpler and do-able allowing you to become a smarter, more objective critical thinker.

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Reduce the noise

With so many study strategies it becomes difficult to know what you should really be doing. We aim to eliminate this.

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Our three principles

As we continue to grow and help students, we are guided by three major principles that we believe are vital to our community.

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Attention to quality

We are obsessed with making content that mimics the actual MCAT as closely as possible and that is easy to learn from.

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Learn anywhere

We are committed to building the future of education on the internet so that it is easily accessible to all students from around the world.

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Learn anytime

Our dedication is to all students who want to learn, regardless of their pace, and no matter what time of the day it is.

Let’s beat the MCAT

We can help you achieve your MCAT goals. Check out which course best suits your needs.


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